Lucy has been fascinated by ceramics since her first contact with it in Stoke-on-Trent 19 years ago. Over the years she has developed her throwing skills and has begun making her first non-functional, sculptural pieces inspired by sea weathered beach finds. These pebble forms have been thrown on the wheel in one piece and are hollow. They are fired to stoneware temperature so that they can be used for indoor or outdoor decoration. Alone or in groups they have a calming influence and are tactile.

Once thrown and dried to a leather hard consistency, these pieces are turned and then slipped with indigo-coloured liquid clay. Once dry, this slip wash is chattered using a sharp turning tool and then the piece is bisque fired and glazed. This final glaze coating is slightly thinned and burnished using a brush. A high firing up to 1300oC ensures the perfect atmosphere to create the blues, blacks and chalky/satin whites like those found on washed up, sea weathered shells.